Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unfortunate Events

OOC: The campaign has fallen apart. Due to RL events, I have been unable to continue arbitrating and the group has had difficulty meeting up to play. I will continue this blog as the campaign continues, but it may be some time before this happens.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Unlikely Alliance.

A few days ago we received a message from the Trenchcoats. They wanted our help in flushing out those Van Saar, the Saints, who had holed up with the Enforcer squad who call themselves the Dredd-notts. Seeing their positions, we approached from the same side, giving each other cover fire as best we could as our close combat guys moved in. Instead of waiting for us to show ourselves in the building, those Saints decided they wanted to pick us off as we approached. They had a few lucky shots, but we sniped them as they stuck their heads up in the windows. That robot dog of theirs even tried to take Mikhail, but one shot with his autogun and it's receptors were melted. Our newest members made a good show of themselves, with Chekov knocking Donal from his perch and Fyodor standing up time and time again as he was hit, but not wounded. Ivan and Yuri both scored wounds and the cowards ran away.

I hated working with those slimy Delaque's though, and I've sent our newest recruit, Andrei, to scout out their movements. We will engage them on the field of battle soon, proving that we are the ruling gang of the Underhive.

Sump Beasts

The Cawdor House lead send us down into the sump to clear away some beasts. As we arrived and set up we noticed those infernal Enforcers setting up across the way. Maybe they could be useful, I thought as I arranged my men. We waited patiently for a few minutes to see f those creatures would show themselves, and lo and be hold, they came fast and heavy. We laid down plenty of fire, but had little luck. The creatures were so fast that we couldn't seem to hit them. While I had the majority of the Coil set up on top of a tower with only one way for the creatures to attack, some of them were separated and unable to get themselves to safety before the beast pounced on them. Several of the men fell and I decided it was best for us to leave before we became more overwhelmed. Let the enforcers clean up the mess, the Coil has better things to do!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Trial (Pt 2)

So, I took the recruits out for a little walk today, and they sure made a showing out there. We ran into a few others, a group of Van Saar, and a few Delaque, but the shocking part is that those darn Enforcers were about as well. We saw a few shinies in the dome so I decided i wanted them, and what better way than to clear out the other gangs first. I handed out assignments to the noobs, hoping the might run distraction for me as I got the loot.

I sent Dimitri out with the sole goal of exiting the dome near one of the other gangs entries. He got himself a little pinned down at first, but managed to drop one of those filthy Trenchcoats and break free, escaping the dome through their entry point. 

Yuri acted like a madman after i told him to send some filth out of the fight. He charged around the corner of the building we were using for cover, putting himself wide out in the open. Leveling his autogun at one of the Delaque, he fired a single shot and sent the bastard tumbling to the ground to bleed out. He seemed even madder as his rifle jamed and he threw it to the ground, charging forward to engage their leader. After they bottled from the fight, Yuri covered Dimitri's movements, guiding him from the dome in safety.

I felt sorry for Mikhail, but he needed the most incentive. I gave him the task of dropping two of the enemies, not really caring if he only left a flesh wound or sent them to their graves. I saw early on that he was going to have difficulties. Slipping from the vents he used to enter the dome, he was blasted by a Delaque who was staring straight at him and wielding a shotgun. I had a laugh after this as the Delaque's shotgun exploded. leaving him lying at the ground, unconscious. Mikhail made a courageous showing from here, but it was clear that the multiple wounds caused by that blast had left him worse for wear. From the blood coating his jacket and arms, I knew he was injured, but he still took a few shots at the Delaque leader until they turned tail and ran away. As soon as his line was clear, he ran for a shiny on an armored bridge ahead. Reaching the shiny, he saw an Enforcer, covering his squad mate and trading fire with me. It was ballsy, but he lined up for a shot an pulled a few off, peppering that trooper with rounds, but not scoring any true damage.

Ivan, Mikhail and I continued trading fire with the two enforcers, but across the way I could see that the Van Saar was having more success with them.We fired a few more times and Ivan's weapon failed. I told him to get off the field while we watched the Enforcers retreat. Running at the Van Saar, Mikhail and I were going to bring them to their knees. They quickly moved into position to receive our assault and I led the charge, clashing with their leader in an awesome display. We traded blows, but I was able to slide my chainsword through an opening and caught him off guard, sending him down. His followers grabbed him and fled. Looking across the field, we saw a Trenchcoat lying on the ground where he had fallen... and on inspection, we found we had a prisoner to take to the slavers.

While Mikhail didn't succeed in the goals I gave him, he showed great courage, and for that I'll keep him on. Dimitri and Yuri have earned my respect, but don't tell them. I'd hate to have to kill them.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Trial (pt1)

From the Underhive Gazette!
Having finished the trials, the house gangers have been blooded and seen the determination of the others houses to conquer this territory. Valiant efforts were made by all, but no Hose showed themselves to be the best, with the The Saints, Dredd-Nots, and Trenchcoats bottling once their Trials were failed. Tesla led his Coil to a rousing victory driving the Saints from the battle with a wounded leader and capturing a Trenchcoat before failing to complete Mikhail's trial as well. The Saints made a good show of themselves, fighting the Enforcers to a "tactical retreat" (running from the field of battle with their tails between their legs!) Overall, many of the ganger from all 4 gangs completed their trials, and all but one have been retained by their hoses, with only the captured Trenchcoat left to the mercy of the slavers.

From the House leaders!
There have been reports of vicious beasts in the Sumps. Get down there and clear them out! I don't care if you lay aside our quarrels with the other houses or if you feel they should die as well, just clear the path to those resources, I've got workers too scared to go and get the resources for me! And bring me the bodies of those foul creatures as proof that you are worthy of my continued support, there just might be something special in it for you.
And take all of your gang with you this time! I'm tired of them drinking my ale and eating my mutton!

Transmission to the Dredd-Not Communication Center:
--- Special mission update---
---Sump beast infestation reported---
---Clear infestation immediately---
---Disrupting resource flow---
---Eliminate Gangers involved---
---Recruit uninvolved Gangs as needed---

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Driving 'em out!

[OOC- This weekend, I will be starting the first campaign I have even ran for Necromunda, pray it goes well.]

Got a message from the boss today. Apparently he wants me to put together a new gang, but I like the one I have, so I'll stick with them. We're tasked with clearing the other houses out of the Underhive, and I can tell you, this is going to be a fight... I'm just hoping we can do it without losing too many of my boys.

[The campaign is a 21 scenario set comprised of a lot of new ones from different sources on the net. I'll post it up here once we complete it to get others to play test it as well, but I think I'll let me friends find all the obvious problems first!]

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smuggler's Rest

A few days ago, we set out from Smuggler's Rest is hope of finding some archeotech or other valuable things.

Entering into an open area, we saw a gang of those despicable Van Saar across the way. Looking up at one of the towers, we saw a heavy with a stubber, watching the battlefield. I split the men into groups of 3 and sent Viktor up to a overwatch position. That was my first mistake.

As soon as Viktor reached his perch, the Van Saar heavy opened up on him. While must of the rounds slammed harmlessly into the wall, Victor was hit with a ricochet and thrown to the ground. I sent Dimitri and some juves around the edge of the field, hoping to get them in position to take down the heavy. Running from cover, on of the juves was clipped, but it was only a flesh wound and they made it to cover unharmed. Ivan and Mikhail made an effort to advance on the other side of the field as I led Nicolai up the center. We were seeking to strike at them with a vengeance.

Viktor was hit again and knocked out of the fight. As Ivan and Mikhail cleared some cover they ran head on into the Van Saar leader and his host. It seemed that other than a few of his men poised to take down the juves on the other side of the field, he had brought his entire gang with him. They brutally opened fire on my men. Ivan was hit and in calculated action the Van Saar shifted fire to his body. In the process they dropped the Juve as well.

I saw all of this just as the stubber opened up on my men on the other side of the field. seeing we were outgunned, I ordered a retreat. Grabbing our fallen comrades, we fled the battlefield, better to fight another day.

All of the wounded recovered fully, and it appears that Ivan has caught a little respect for his daring. The pulse blast missed him, but cam close enough to rip flesh from his leg. He has decided to leave this scar visible in the hope that his surviving it will scare his enemies, though it appears to have worked the opposite on the women. While Mikhail is usually the one looking for the ladies, last night I saw Ivan talking a few to his table at the bar. I can't say I'm proud of our first full scale encounter, but it does seem that we had some rewards from it, we even attracted another juve when we stopped by the camp on our way to get some treatments.

We'll be hitting the wastes again soon, maybe we'll run into you.